Apple Valley Park & Farm                                     
Jamaica and St. Elizabeth's "Best Kept Secret"


Open by reservations only on any day except Christmas day and Good Friday. Opening hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on reserved days.

  Our facilities:

·          Pedal boating
·          Kayaking
·          Indoor and outdoor games facilities        
·          Swimming pools                           
·          Picnic areas                                             
·          Changing and rest rooms            
·          Bounce-a-bout

The following are available at an additional cost: 

  • Apple Valley Clown
  • Fishing- pay per pound. There is an additional cost to have fish cooked
  • Catering of Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks)


Please call (876) 487-4521 / 894-5947 or email us at for pricing information.

You may also follow us on Twitter @applevalleypark for updated information.

Packages: We offer a variety of packages with Breakfast, Lunch and/or snacks. Please call or email us for more information. Group (20 or more) discounts are also available.

* These packages require a 50% deposit at least two weeks before the outing date*
If the group cancels within a week of the outing date then one half of the deposit is non- refundable. Please request account number.

Children rate charged from age 2 - 12, adult rate 13 and up 
Prices are subject to change without notice. 

**Special Rates available for School and Church groups of over 30 people**



Lunch: Chicken and/or pork along with rice and peas, salad, vegetables, dinner rolls or "cooked food" and a drink. 

Breakfast: Ackee and saltfish, steam calaloo, fried dumplings, breakfast rolls, "cooked food" and a hot beverage or juice.  

 The menus are flexible and they are left up to our guests to decide from what is available. Special orders may be made on drinks.
Please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for requesting information and looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a wonderful day.

Our prices are inclusive of all facilities. You do not pay extra for any of the facilities listed above unless otherwise indicated.